Three Ways to Clean Your Old Candle Jar

Three Ways to Clean Your Old Candle Jar

In the spirit of living sustainably and creating as little waste as possible, there are various ways to clean one of our vessels so you can reuse them again and again.

1. Boiling Water

Place your old candle vessel on a heat-safe surface. Use hot water and carefully pour it into your vessel leaving room at the top. The hot water should melt the wax and allow it to float to the top. Let the water cool completely before removing the wax. Strain the water, scrape any remaining wax, and then clean your vessel with soap and water.


2. Freeze Your Candle

Break up any large chunks of wax with a butter knife or spoon carefully. Place the candle in your freezer for several hours or until frozen. The wax should shrink and be able to pop out of your vessel. Scrape any remaining wax then proceed to clean with soap and water. Please also note that rapid changes in heat may cause stress fractures in glass vessels, leading to breakage.


3. Create a Double Boiler

Place your candle in a saucepan or other medium-sized pot on a heat-safe surface. Boil some water. Pour boiling water around the candle, not inside the candle jar. Let your vessel sit in boiling water until the wax has softened. Use a spoon or butter knife to loosen any remaining wax then wash with soap and water. Using this method, you can also peel and scrap off the label more easily.

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